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Organizational Psychology

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. Discuss the increasing focus on international business as a trend in industrial/organizational psychology. Identify specific organizational needs which may arise as a result of this trend, including personnel needs, leadership needs, and training needs. Discuss how I/O psychologists could help organizations to meet these needs.

Industrial and organizational psychology is the scientific study of employees' interactions in their workplaces within the organizations. Industrial and organizational psychologists support an organization's success by educating the workplace and the performance along with the job satisfaction of individuals. The Industrial and organizational psychologist has the knowledge to identify employees behaviors and attitudes. This helps the psychologist identify the personal functions and needs within the job description. As well as if there is a problem they can help the organizations find ways to make changes .

When dealing with Industrial organizational psychology Studying the human encouragement and organizational behavior relates research and studies on employee's thoughts, activities and attitudes towards the business environment. The psychologist observes groups and individuals, within the tasks and responsibilities within the organization's needs.

With a focus on many business trends, there is a high volume of downsizing due to globalization, technology advancements in the international business organizations and management has seen an intense increase in ethnic diversity in the workplace, growth in international business, and the rise of many more multinational companies will suffer due to this increasing problem. Psychologists are evaluating job applicants, designing job training and development programs, conducting employee engagement and satisfaction surveys and providing performance feedback and coaching. As a outcome of the developing respect and influence I/O psychologists have gathered in the global business world, psychologists now head human resource departments at major companies.

There is an increase in globalization, and business operation with emphasis put on the importance of supporting the most recent developments in global workforce within the organization that are being strongly influenced by, the innovation of information technologies, computer-generated business transactions, culturally diverse business groups and extended business settings across cultures. The problems for many companies that are operating across different borders and managers manage in different countries that have different values, norms and cultural behaviors are great then ever before. By looking at organizational psychology from a different angle, we can gain an understanding of the organization challenges that they are facing in business today. More products and services are being distributed outside of countries as globalization businesses increase it depends on the abilities an organization has.Globalization could be overwhelming for some business decisions in the international market. Outsourcing to lower costs of manufacturing, this leap into the international market will increase the business profits. At the same time companies will have to reduce their workforce as the result of outsourcing. This creates more problems in the workforce, communities, and the economic impact to society especially small business owners will have to close down, and larger businesses will have to lay off people.

Many organizations have to identify what the outcome will be within their companies as a whole before they can identify what their personal needs will be.

When the organizing decides to go global everything should be planned out. A strategic plan should be in place. Some change that leaders in the organization should distinguish are the open environment that would encourage communication and collaboration needed for all members such as, managers and employees at all levels. The organization must build trust among individuals and groups throughout the different organizations. There are different ranks and job level and language barriers that must be met. Therefore the team should be trained in the field of the new culture and environment.

As we focused on globalization and companies downsizing a lot of it has to deal with technology advancements. If we were to define technology advancements we would say that the changes in skills, have increased and individual's knowledge. Computers, and equipment that is used in the design are at a higher in demand. Therefor production, and distribution of goods and services is cheaper to outsource than to make in house. Technology advancements permits managers to react rapidly to unexpected situations. When technology plays a role in an organization there are may personal needs that must be met such as software updates, computer upgrades, the ability to network and who to hire. The technology department must continually be aware of these changes. Therefore as technology changes in throughout the companies a strong leader should be set in place. In addition, presenting any change in an organization will be a challenge. In some cases individuals can be tentative to accept change. A respectable leader can help to make the transformation conceivable even in opposing circumstances. The value of information technology training will also have a significant impact on a company's employees. The company must think about what kinds of program and services that are available to their employees. Such as in house training or paying for education training that will benefit the company.

Ethnic diversity is a significant problem for managers and organization they often come across a large problem in their overseas workplaces.When working in a new and ethnically diverse country an individual's ability to change and adapt beyond our own culture tends to become a language problem that most companies do not see they are subject to the understanding of ethical standards in most places but not all. When focusing on personal needs that involve ethnic diversity the company must understand themselves . Everyone's ethical beliefs are different when conducting business, and each organization should put aside their



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